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Dr. George Peck Jr.
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 by Jess
Amazing results

I just had rhinoplasty less than a month ago and while I am still healing each day, I can already tell that my nose looks amazing!! I am so happy with my results so far and can't wait to see what it will look like in a few weeks. Dr. Peck understands what needs to be done in order for your results to look great. The staff was so warm and welcoming the day of my surgery and truthfully made my nerves go away. They were all very professional and I would highly recommend Dr. Peck to anyone. Best doctor around!!

Fabolous Results , Love my Nose

I had a rhinoplasty done by Dr. George Peck Jr

From the moment I consulted with Dr. Peck and his staff regarding my desired procedures (nosejob) I felt confident that I was making the right decision I love my nose now !

 by FL
Our Family's Plastic Surgeon

Dr. George Peck has been our family's plastic surgeon for twelve years. He's taken care of emergencies as well as both plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures exceedingly well.

His fine medical training along with his critical decisions make him the best doctor. Another aspect is the fine treatment you get in his office from staff has been with him for over a decade. I live in Florida but still choose to go to Dr. Peck in NJ.

 by FJ
Very Happy

My son had his nose done by Dr. Geroge Peck Jr. He is so happy with his results and so am I. From the staff to the facility to Dr. Peck his whole experience was a wonderful one. As his mom I was very nervous for him to have this done but after talking with Dr. Peck he made me feel rest assured. I have referred friends and family to see Dr. George Peck Jr. and I would highly recommend anyone else to see him.

 by VC
Dr. Peck is Truly Amazing, and Did Exactly What He Said He Would

From the moment I consulted with Dr. Peck and his staff regarding my desired procedures (BA and nose) I felt confident that I was making the right decision. His comfort and care and listening ear made it easy to proceed with the two surgeries simultaneously. He is a great doctor, surgeon, and genuinely caring individual. Gail, Jackie, everyone was professional and kind, and informative and timely. Dr. Peck took time out of his day to explain and make sure my mom was comfortable and understood what I was doing (many thanks for this!) He is truly a gem and I am due to follow up and show him how well I'm healing in both instances.

 by N.F
Best Decision I've Ever Made

I have never written any reviews for any doctors I went to, but in this case I will take my time to do it and you should take your time to read it.

I started my search for a surgeon about a year ago. Just like you, I went through enormous amount of sources, blogs, reviews, comments, recommendations, pros and cons et cetera. I went through so much material that at some point I felt like a medical student. I reside in New York, where there is an extremely big selection of 5 star doctors. But too much of a choice is as bad as no choice at all. And all of them were the same asking at least $500 for a consultation and then tens of thousands of dollars for the procedure I wanted. Yes, I do live in New York, but I am neither a celebrity nor a millionaire. I didn’t need an extreme makeover, I just wanted a simple rhinoplasty that will correct my nose and make me feel more confident about myself and the way I look (I did not have any breathing issues or broken nose problems). And this is when I decided to expand my search to New Jersey area.

I found Dr. Peck through this realself website. His location was not the closest to New York, but I decided to contact them anyway. I shoot a short e-mail at about 10 pm and got an almost immediate response. Next morning I contacted his assistant and scheduled my appointment. I was on a very tight schedule, so timing was my biggest concern, but his staff was so good and understanding, that we made it work. My initial consultation was great. I got all the answers, Dr. Peck was honest with me and explained me what to expect and what not, what he will be able to do and what he won’t and what is his view and opinion about my situation. He made me feel very comfortable, all his staff is so warm and friendly that you feel like you are on a regular check-up appointment and not making a decision about a surgery on your face.

So I made up my mind and decided to proceed with Dr. Peck. He was ready to work with me on my tight schedule and performed my procedure on the date that worked out just perfect for me. I had rhinoplasty and otoplasty at the same time. His staff was extremely professional and everybody was very pleasant and polite. At least one person was with me throughout all the time. I still remember that nurse who was with me while I was getting ready for my surgery and waiting for my anesthesia. She became my best friend for that day. I got everything I needed before my procedure and was communicated all possible outcomes and consequences. I also got Dr’s personal cell phone number, so in case of anything I had a direct contact with him.

After the surgery I felt horrible. I am a skinny girl and had problems with getting off anesthesia. Dr’s staff and anesthesiologist stayed with me throughout the entire time I needed to wake up after my surgery (even though it took me way longer than in their usual practice). They were very supportive and proficient. Next day I didn’t feel any better. Instead, I started throwing up everything I had and didn’t have in my stomach. I wasn’t able to even take a sip of water, forget about the painkillers. So I got scared and called the doctor’s cell phone. He answered my call right away (even though it was on Saturday) and listened to all my concerns and problems. He called the nearest pharmacy in my location and in half an hour my relative picked up the medicine that brought me back to life. Oh my God at that moment I already started thinking that I made a right choice with this doctor, because his involvement into your case and proficiency and readiness to take care of a problem right away on the go means a lot. He is a true professional who knows exactly what to do.

Everything from that date went exactly as I was told by the doctor and his staff. At least one person was calling me once a day following up on my recovery. My bruises were very small. After going through pictures on this web site I honestly expected at least half of my face turn navy blue or green. But it didn’t happen. Dr. Peck did an amazing job and after taking off all the bandages (don’t forget that I also had an otoplasty), it was almost unnoticeable that I’ve had a surgery on my face only a week ago.

Do not expect to see immediate results. Due to the major swallowing that unfortunately comes with every single surgery, you won’t be able to tell the results of the procedure you just got done. I was passionate and gave it some time. And in few months I started to see how much my face has changed. Dr. Peck did exactly what I wanted. Every single time I see myself in a mirror, I thank Dr. Peck for the face I have now. The shape of my nose is so natural, that nobody can ever tell that I had a nose job. And my ears look like they’ve always been close to my head. It’s been 7 months since my surgery and I feel beautiful, happy and very confident. I was a pretty girl before, but now I am absolutely in love with myself. I can’t stop thanking Dr. Peck for giving me my new me. He is an amazing doctor and worth every single minute and dollar you spend. He and his team will take care of you from the first minute of your call. I highly recommend his office to everybody I know. It’s a 5+ star doctor and I hope that my story will be helpful to you to make a decision towards being a more beautiful and happy person.

Good luck!

 by JDW
I Love My Nose

I had a rhinoplasty done by Dr. George Peck Jr. over a year ago and I couldn't be happier with the results. It is so natural and the results are better than I could've imagined. I love my nose now! He and the staff were fabulous. He is the only plastic surgeon I would go to and I recommend him without hesitation.

 by D. S.
Overall Great Experience

My experience with Dr. George C. Peck and staff was amazing. I can't say enough great things about him. They all made me feel at ease and comfortable. The aftercare and bedside manner was also great and they accmmodated me in every way. I had rhinopasty and can say 100% that I am completely satisfied and would highly recommend him to family and friends. Overall a great experience!!

 by M. P.
Successful Rhinoplasty Surgery

Dr. George Peck performed a gynecomastia surgery on my nose several years ago. Before the surgery I had enlarged turbinates as well as a deviated septum and he was able to reduce the turbinates and straighten my septum while maintaining the integrity of my bone structure. From a medical standpoint I was able to breath much better, which was the ultimate goal and from a cosmetic standpoint I was happy too because my nose looked even better than it had prior to the surgery. Another plus was the warm and friendly staff. We had a few insurance snafu's and the women stayed with me and were thorough throughout that annoying process.

 by B.N
Mole Removal

Last year I had saw Dr George C. Peck Jr for consultation on getting a large mole removed from my right temple. My first positive impression was of his office staff. Everyone was very cordial, treated me with respect and the wait was minimal. The facility was clean warm and welcoming.

On the day of my procedure the medical guided me every step of the way. All my questions were answer before the procedure commenced. They were all kind and made me feel less anxious and comfortable.

Dr George Peck Jr was also very kind. He answered all my questions and has a wealth of information and knowledge of his field. He is a second generation plastic surgeon in his family. My procedure went exceptionally well and heeled without any complication. I feel fantastic about the outcome. There was no scarring, discoloration or evidence that there was ever a mole present which is remarkable.

Essex Surgical LLc is a remarkable facility. The staff is wonderful, knowledgeable and gracious. Dr George Peck is amazing and does his very best to accommodate all the wishes of his clients to achieve optimal results.

I would recommend anyone to him.

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