The Future of Curing Cancer – Immunotherapy

Your best defense is your own defense.

Mammograms Are Not Cost Effective?

An interesting study in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine shows that mammograms may save an occasional life but mammograms are not cost effective for the masses. The liklihood of a 50 year old woman dying from breast cancer in the next ten years is 0.5%. A mammogram screening program has a marginal affect […]

Reduce Bruising and Swelling

Bromelain from pineapples and Quercetin from capers, apples, red onion, and citrus fruits may help. Arnica and the old fashion treatment of rest, ice, compression, and elevation may also work. Check out this article-

Junk Food

Junk food is everywhere and is hard to avoid. Many people are addicted to junk food, which is directly related to the rise in obesity. Obesity is associated with many medical problems and a 10 year decrease in  life expectancy similar to smoking.

Trend – Selfies Associated with Increase in Plastic Surgery

It makes sense that the more we take pictures of ourselves and post them to social media, the more we care about our looks.

Laugh Off Flu Season with This Vitamin

Laugh Off Flu Season with This Vitamin Getting plenty of this vitamin may strengthen your immune system and make venturing out of your house a little less scary this flu season. We’re talking about the sunshine vitamin — good old D. In a study done during flu season, people who had higher blood levels of […]

Cosmetic surgery: What to know beforehand

Cosmetic surgery can help improve your appearance, but it’s not for everyone. Know what to consider before surgery, how to find a surgeon and what questions to ask. By Mayo Clinic Staff Cosmetic surgery, or plastic surgery, might seem like the easiest way to shave years off your appearance or improve your physique. If you’re […]

Dangerous Pumping Parties & Illegal Surgeries

Dangerous Pumping Parties & Illegal Surgeries By Rhys Branman, MDOver the past year, I have become horrified at the sheer amount of news stories reporting illegal cosmetic surgery. I have written about this before, but now I wondered just why the trend is on the increase. It seemed to me that it would be obvious that […]

Why Do Men Get Plastic Surgery? Ask Women

Why Do Men Get Plastic Surgery? Ask Women By Madeline Vann, MPH Tuesday, January 14, 2014 More men are opting for cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate their looks and stay competitive in the dating and job markets. Pennsylvania apple and pear farmer Ralph Spencer, 70, is one of an estimated million men in America who had some type of aesthetic surgery in 2013. In the United States, close to 10 percent of cosmetic surgery procedures are done on men, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Procedures men choose most often are rhinoplasty (nose jobs), eyelid surgery, face lifts, breast reduction, and liposuction. Their reasons for seeking aesthetic surgery, including rejuvenation and anti­aging procedures, vary from man to man. Spencer decided to get upper and lower eyelid surgery for both practical and cosmetic reasons. He said he’d noticed changes around his eyes, such as drooping lids and puffiness, which concerned him. He wanted to look good for a woman with whom he was in a relationship, but he also found out from his optometrist that these changes were affecting his range of vision. So, he started looking into plastic surgery. Initially, he considered a full facelift, but he said that he […]

Study reveals that whole diet approach have more evidence for reducing cardiovascular risk

Study reveals that whole diet approach have more evidence for reducing cardiovascular risk Published on February 6, 2014 at 4:51 AM ·  A study published in The American Journal of Medicine reveals that a whole diet approach, which focuses on increased intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish, has more evidence for reducing cardiovascular risk than strategies that focus exclusively […]

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