Decreasing Post Operative Pain

Interesting article about decreasing post operative pain without opiods.

Investigational Injectable Drug to Reduce Chin Fat

This is an interesting article on an investigational injectable drug to reduce fat under the chin.  

Ultrasound Fast Alternative to MRI for Breast Implant Status

Ultrasound Fast Alternative to MRI for Breast Implant Status Pam Harrison April 01, 2014LAS VEGAS — High-resolution ultrasound done in a physician’s office is a fast, convenient, and friendly alternative to MRI for ascertaining the status of breast implants, a pilot study suggests. Researchers found a “higher than expected” rotation rate in 2 types of shaped cohesive […]

Latest Plastic Surgery Statistics

American Society of Plastic Surgeons Reports 15.1 Million Cosmetic Procedures in 2013; Marks Fourth Consecutive Year of Growth For Immediate Release: 02/26/2014 ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. — The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) today released its annual procedural statistics reporting that 15.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures, including both minimally-invasive and surgical, were performed in the […]

2013 Statistics from the US and UK Document Rise on Both Sides of the Pond

2013 Statistics from the US and UK Document Rise on Both Sides of the Pond ( – New data from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) shows that US dermatologic surgeons performed 9.5 million treatments in 2013, up from nearly 8 million in 2012. Skin cancer procedures topped the ASDS list. Dermatologic surgeons performed […]

Cosmetic surgery: What to know beforehand

Cosmetic surgery can help improve your appearance, but it’s not for everyone. Know what to consider before surgery, how to find a surgeon and what questions to ask. By Mayo Clinic Staff Cosmetic surgery, or plastic surgery, might seem like the easiest way to shave years off your appearance or improve your physique. If you’re […]

Dangerous Pumping Parties & Illegal Surgeries

Dangerous Pumping Parties & Illegal Surgeries By Rhys Branman, MDOver the past year, I have become horrified at the sheer amount of news stories reporting illegal cosmetic surgery. I have written about this before, but now I wondered just why the trend is on the increase. It seemed to me that it would be obvious that […]

Why Do Men Get Plastic Surgery? Ask Women

Why Do Men Get Plastic Surgery? Ask Women By Madeline Vann, MPH Tuesday, January 14, 2014 More men are opting for cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate their looks and stay competitive in the dating and job markets. Pennsylvania apple and pear farmer Ralph Spencer, 70, is one of an estimated million men in America who had some type of aesthetic surgery in 2013. In the United States, close to 10 percent of cosmetic surgery procedures are done on men, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Procedures men choose most often are rhinoplasty (nose jobs), eyelid surgery, face lifts, breast reduction, and liposuction. Their reasons for seeking aesthetic surgery, including rejuvenation and anti­aging procedures, vary from man to man. Spencer decided to get upper and lower eyelid surgery for both practical and cosmetic reasons. He said he’d noticed changes around his eyes, such as drooping lids and puffiness, which concerned him. He wanted to look good for a woman with whom he was in a relationship, but he also found out from his optometrist that these changes were affecting his range of vision. So, he started looking into plastic surgery. Initially, he considered a full facelift, but he said that he […]

That Nose, That Chin, Those Lips

That Nose, That Chin, Those Lips With Plastic Surgery, a Makeover to Look Like a Celebrity JAN. 15, 2014 Skin Deep By ABBY ELLIN When Nino Dean looks in the mirror, the face staring back at him is eerily evocative of Vanessa Paradis, the French chanteuse and former paramour of Johnny Depp. This is not a lucky roll of the genetic dice. Mr. Dean, a freelance fashion stylist in Manhattan, had surgery 13 years ago to have his visage molded to resemble, at the very least, Ms. Paradis’s second cousin, if not her identical twin. “I wanted her baby face,” said Mr. Dean, who is 37 but said most people guess he is in his mid­20s. “I still find her my favorite beauty of all.” Magazines and websites routinely publish photographs of people who have altered their faces to look like a movie star, pop singer, Mattel product, Egyptian queen or, in the notorious and perhaps unintentional case of the socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, a wild animal. While requests for these sorts of utter transformations do not take place every day, doctors say they do happen regularly. “About once a month, someone comes in who wants to look like a family member, friend or celebrity,” said Dr. Sam Lam, a facial plastic surgeon in Dallas. “One guy wanted to look like his cousin who was a2/6/2014 With Plastic Surgery, a Makeover to Look Like a Celebrity – […]

Conical polyurethane implants: An uplifting augmentation

Conical polyurethane implants: An uplifting augmentation Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 01/06/2014   Georgeu GA, et al. – The authors discuss the advantages of conical implants as an alternative to conventional silicone implants for women with breast ptosis. The modern conical, polyurethane implant has many advantages over the conventional round or anatomically shaped implants and offers patients […]

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