Conical polyurethane implants: An uplifting augmentation

Conical polyurethane implants: An uplifting augmentation

Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 01/06/2014


Georgeu GA, et al. – The authors discuss the advantages of conical implants as an alternative to conventional silicone implants for women with breast ptosis. The modern conical, polyurethane implant has many advantages over the conventional round or anatomically shaped implants and offers patients an ideal compromise between volume, natural upper pole fullness, and a lift without mastopexy scars.


  • In the 2-year period between December 2010 and December 2012, a consecutive series of 302 women underwent implant-based breast surgery procedures (236 primary augmentations, 59 revisions, and 7 mastopexy-augmentations) with conical polyurethane devices.
  • Implant volumes ranged from 225 to 560 cc, with low- to medium-profile devices predominating.
  • No extra–high-profile implants were used.
  • Only 1 patient had a drain inserted on completion of a revision augmentation.



  • There were no infections (0%) and no wound dehiscence (0%).
  • Four cases required reoperation (1.3%).
  • Patient satisfaction scores were universally high (average, 9.94/10).
  • There have been no capsular contractures to date, but follow-up is short.