Celebrex Decreases Post Op Pain

New study in JAMA shows that Celebrex may decrease pain after facelift surgery. Celebrex may also decrease the need and the use of narcotics.


Decreasing Post Operative Pain

plastic surgery njInteresting article about decreasing post operative pain without opiods.


Breast Lift ~ Decrease Cup Size

The following is an interesting article from NYU about the results of breast lift (mastopexy) and cup size. It certainly makes sense that if one removes excess skin for breast ptosis (droopiness), that breast size would become smaller.


Is Breast Augmentation For You?

breast-augmentation-NJBreast augmentation is a practice that has gained popularity in the recent times. It is a plastic surgery that is primarily aimed at increasing the size of the breast. However, the practice can also be done for the purposes of altering the shape or texture of the breast of a woman. New Jersey is one of the states in the USA that have experienced an increase in the demand for this surgery. Many women who are no longer satisfied with the size of their breast can seek the services of a qualified surgeon to achieve their desired breast size. As long as the surgeon is competent and experienced, the primary reconstruction of the breast will be safe with no repercussions.

Who are the ideal candidates for breast augmentation New Jersey?
The purpose of this procedure is mainly to enhance the self-confidence and appearance of the person. However, it is important to know if this procedure is necessary for you or not. Before you make the decision to undergo breast augmentation, it is advisable to know your expectations and be aware of the possible outcomes. Fortunately, New Jersey has many qualified surgeons who will be able to discuss with you before the process can be done. Ideally, this procedure should be for women who want a complete improvement of their breast as opposed to seeking perfection. If you seek for nothing but perfection, the results may be too disappointing for you. Women who are realistic and physically healthy are the right people to undergo this surgery. Rightly so, it is advisable to discuss with your surgeon about all the expectations. The shape and size that you desire should be discussed openly so that the surgeon can know the ideal surgical approach to take on you.

Conditions that are good for breast augmentation
Women who consider their breast to be too small are the most ideal for this procedure. Under-developed breasts or those that seem to be out of proportion also fall in the same category. The same procedure is also taken by women who have limited choices of clothes because of the size of the breasts. Oh the other hand, breasts that have completely lost their shape or volume can also be changed using this procedure. The loss of volume or shape can occur as a result of aging, weight loss or pregnancy. Above all, if the upper part of the breast appears to be void or empty, breast augmentation can provide the ultimate solution. The same procedure is also ideal for breasts that vary in the shape or size. There are individuals who have one breast appearing smaller than the other. Augmentation of the breast can make them to be equal in shape or size.

The Future of Curing Cancer – Immunotherapy

By George Peck, Jr |

Your best defense is your own defense.


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Mammograms Are Not Cost Effective?

By George Peck, Jr |

An interesting study in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine shows that mammograms may save an occasional life but mammograms are not cost effective for the masses. The liklihood of a 50 year old woman dying from breast cancer in the next ten years is 0.5%. A mammogram screening program has a marginal affect on that percentage. The cost of screening mammograms is > $7.8 billion/year.

Don’t worry guys the same is true of prostate screening.

What is good for the goose may not be so good for the gander…


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Reduce Bruising and Swelling

By George Peck, Jr |

BruisingBromelain from pineapples and Quercetin from capers, apples, red onion, and citrus fruits may help. Arnica and the old fashion treatment of rest, ice, compression, and elevation may also work. Check out this article-


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Junk Food

By George Peck, Jr |

the-junk-food-remedyJunk food is everywhere and is hard to avoid. Many people are addicted to junk food, which is directly related to the rise in obesity. Obesity is associated with many medical problems and a 10 year decrease in  life expectancy similar to smoking.


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Breast Lifts Up 70% Since 2000

By George Peck, Jr |

Breast lifts up 70% since the year 2000



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