Saline or Silicone Breast Implant Guide

Saline Implants Pros

  1. Flexibility to change or control volume as much as 50ccs
  2. The cost is $1000 (pair)
  3. Lower incidence of Capsular Contracture (hard firm breast)
  4. Smaller incision because the implant is inserted while deflated

Saline Implant Cons

  1. More inclined to show wrinkles in woman with low body fat and breast tissue
  2. May deflate and need replacement

Silicone Implant Pros

  1. Better feel
  2. Less likely to show wrinkles
  3. Breast Implant of choice on every continent of the world

Silicone Implant Cons

  1. FDA recommends a MRI every two years to evaluate implant shell.
  2. Costs $2000 (pair)
  3. Higher incidence of Capsular Contracture (hard, firm breast)
  4. Slightly larger incision to insert pre- filled implant
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