‘Tittooing’ On Nipples Is The Latest Beauty Craze In The UK, Telegraph Says

‘Tittooing’ On Nipples Is The Latest Beauty Craze In The UK, Telegraph Says

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Thigh gap“toe-besity” and mother-daughter plastic surgery are all beauty crazes we’ve seen (and questioned) before. “Tittooing,” on the other hand, is a completely new concept to us.

Thanks to a reported piece in The Telegraph, we now know the ins and outs of nipple tattooing. The cosmetic procedure, a way for people to darken and/or reshape their nipples, has apparently become increasingly popular in the UK, with women paying up to £1,200 for a set.

“A lot of people want their nipples made darker. It’s the fashion,” says Gail Proudman, a clinician who performs the procedure. “Some people think theirs are too pink or their boyfriends want them done. I think sometimes they are doing it because they are conscious of them being pale and they think it’s fashionable to have dark nipples.”

Er, fashionable? We hadn’t given it that much thought before. If one does opt to get a “tittoo,” it’s a simple two-hour process followed by touch-ups every 12 to 18 months to avoid fading. Sound like a lot of time and energy for such a small tweak? It’s actually not too out of step with the general trend we’ve been seeing.

Teens getting chin implants for prom and breast augmentations as a “present” for graduating high school are just a couple of ways youngsters are nitpicking their physical appearances. Not to mention the hoards of Brits (and Americans) running to plastic surgeons to get Kate Middleton‘s scouse brow or turned-up nose. So as bizarre as wanting to slightly alter one’s nipples may seem, we think we’re beyond being surprised at this point.

Danielle Price, a “tittoo” technician in the UK, seems to agree. “The younger generation are so hung up on everything being just so,” she says. “It’s quite sad really.”

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